6 Tips for Concealed Carry

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We will be doing a review of the Quick Assemble Kit that I purchased shortly. I have had a few issues with it that I will outline but overall it is the best holster I have had for the amount of money. Further the customer support of this company is amazing and that goes a long way with me.

If you’re in the market for a new holster (who isn’t) then you should seriously consider these guys. Read the post below to figure out what will work for you and share your thoughts with us.

Old Faithful Holsters President, Thomas Tedder, Shares 6 Concealed Carry Tips.
Tip #1 – Start with a stable holster.Whatever holster you use needs to be stable enough that you can wear it all day without needing to adjust or resituate it. If your holster can’t keep your handgun in place when you roll around on the ground, it is useless to you in a physical altercation. Most fights go to the ground very quickly and you’ll want access to your weapon when you need it the most.
Tip #2 –  Resist the urge to constantly “check” your pistol.One of the things that people new to concealed carry often do is “check” their weapon constantly, which is completely understandable. You’re in public with a loaded gun, possibly for the first time. You probably think everyone is “watching you” or “knows” you’re carrying. You might feel you need to check it over and over to make sure it’s still hidden and that it’s still situated properly. Please, resist this urge.Relax! Nobody knows you are carrying. In psychology this is know as the “spotlight effect”. It is human nature to overestimate the extent in which others notice our appearance and behavior.

It’s okay to occasionally check and there are certain situations when you should always check, which will be covered below. If you feel like you might be exposing your weapon and must check it, be smart about it and have a method beforehand. The rule to remember here is to not draw attention to yourself. Don’t whip around like a puppy chasing his tail or everyone will wonder what you’re looking at and they will look, too. I also don’t recommend feeling with the palm of your hand. If it looks like you are reaching for something, you may draw undesired attention to your hand. The method I recommend is to use the back of your hand to feel. You will still be able to easily feel if your shirt is still covering the handgun and that it is where it is supposed to be. It takes less than a second and doesn’t draw attention. I also recommend turning your back to a wall or aisle in a store before checking.

Tip #3 – There are certain times when you should always check if your weapon is still hidden.Check when exiting a vehicle. When you get out of your vehicle you should always check to make sure that your shirt is still covering the grip of your gun. Check while your back is still facing your vehicle to provide cover.Check whenever standing up from a seated position, especially low seated positions, such as a deep sofa.

Check anytime you have to bend over, this will pull the back of your shirt up and possibly expose your weapon.

Tip #4 – Squat don’t bend.There are times when you’ll need to reach down in public, such as retrieving something from the bottom shelf in the supermarket or to tie your child’s shoe. It is imperative that you squat down rather than bend over. When you bend over, the back of your shirt will rise, which will risk exposing your concealed weapon. The best approach is to squat down while keeping the torso upright. This will prevent your shirt from rising.
Tip #5 – Reach with the hand on opposite side of your weapon.If you are right-handed and carry your weapon on the right side of your body, always reach overhead with your left hand. Reaching overhead will cause your shirt to rise and you don’t want the side concealing your handgun to be the side that lifts.
Tip #6 – Tuck in or wear a longer shirtTucking your shirt in is often better for concealed carry because it will retain your shirt whenever your body pulls on it. In short, it is more likely that your concealed weapon will stay concealed when your shirt is tucked in. Most hybrid holsters are tuckable and some leather ones are, too.
If you don’t want to tuck in, you can still feel safe about concealed carry. Just make sure that your shirt hangs at least a few inches below your belt, but pay a little more attention to it.
Keep carrying, stay safe, and introduce new people to concealed carry!Thomas TedderPresident – Old Faithful Holsters

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