.50 BMG versus Steel plate INSIDE ballistic gel

Rifles, optics, plate carriers and more: we at Loadout Room test and review a wide variety of gear.  Sometimes though, we like to sit back and watch shit blow up.  While I’m excitedly working on this week’s reviews, I currently have exactly zero .50 BMG chambered rifles, armor-piercing-incendiary-tracer (APIT) rounds, or even a nice little flamethrower.  My capability to pierce armor while incinerating the general area is sadly low.  Thus, I need videos like this one.

Here we have YouTube host GY6vids doing exactly as the title specifies, launching .50 BMG APIT rounds into a brick of ballistic gelatin, which coincidentally also holds a steel plate.  The results are IMPRESSIVE!  Check it out.

Rex Nanorum