3rd Burned Female Found in Detroit

CBS Detroit is reporting a third victim of a possible Detroit Serial Attacker has been found.  You can find the CBS Article here.

On Saturday morning another burned female was discovered in the 1300 block of Forrest Avenue. This is now the 3rd female found burned and left for dead in recent weeks. Investigators are not officially claiming the cases are linked yet. If they are however this would indicate the patterns of a serial attacker.

The first woman found on July 26th was found beaten and burned but is recovering and is currently in stable condition.  The second found  on July 27th was in Critical condition and according to CBS her status is currently unknown.

These events show how dangerous being a woman in the city of Detroit can be. It is vital that we contact our local and state representatives and demand that we be allowed to protect ourselves. You may have seen our article here on representative Santana who is trying to push to remove the stand your ground legislation. 

If you live in the Detroit area more then ever make sure you are situationally aware. Walk in groups when possible be alert and avoid unnecessary risk.

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