PRE-ORDER: Minuteman Watch Co. Collaboration with Southern Grind brings you limited edition Spider Monkey to support the Red Circle Foundation

For those wanting to get right to business follow the link Here

But for the rest of the readers here is the news.

Minuteman Watch Co. owner Tom Carey has partnered with Zac Brown’s (yes that Zac Brown) Southern Grind knife company to produce a limited run of Minuteman USA Spider Monkey’s.

The Made in the USA knives feature an S35VN steel blade. For those not versed in steel.. that’s REALLY good blade steel. A G10 grip finishes off the package with the SG and MM USA Logos on the blade and belt clip. It’s a phenomenal knife.

Here’s why you should order the limited edition (ends on May 31st)

The Red Circle Foundation

RCF is a rapid funding project for the families of fallen SOF (Special Operational Forces) personnel. They do in hours what most relief funding initiatives take weeks to do when a family loses their loved one. They provide immediate emergency funding to help make things easier at home and keep the wheels on track while the mourn the fallen.

Your purchase helps RCF, proceeds on these knives are filling the tanks of Red Circle so they can send that money QRF style right to the next family that needs it.

Follow think links at the bottom of the Minuteman Watch Co. release from the link above or go right to it and order that steel here for $229.95 your knife will arrive after August at some point once complete.

Carry on readers


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