The Electro-Optics division of New Hampshire-based Sig Sauer announced last week the availability of a new model in their Tango6 line of scopes with electronic feedback for leveling.

The 5-30x56mm scope is the largest in the Tango6 series. The scopes are suitable for AR and bolt action platforms.

Sig claims the Tango6 design helps shooters virtually eliminate scope and gun cant, which can critically affect long-range engagements. The integral electronic level is said to be six times more accurate than a standard bubble level, allowing the shooter to remove cant to +/- 0.5 degrees.

The scope uses MOTAC (motion activated illumination). The LevelPlex appears to the shooter as illuminated arrows on the horizontal crosshair, providing feedback about direction and severity of cant. LevelPlex also helps ensure level mounting.

MOTAC powers on when it detects motion, and goes off during extended stillness for battery preservation. There are eight daytime and one night brightness settings.

Features are abundant on the Tango6. Buyers can choose from four reticle options: MOA milling, MRAD milling, MOA DEV-L holdover, and MRAD DEV-L holdover.

Zeroing is achieved with T120 highspeed turrets using the LockDown system including 120 clicks per rotation (12 MRAD or 30 MOA) with a resettable zero, and zero-stop, lockable at any location. Windage and elevation are adjustable to 23 MRAD or 80 MOA.

Tango6 employs HDX optics’ extra-low dispersion glass, combined with high transmittance glass for better light transmission and optical clarity. It’s also fog-proof, and leak-proof to one meter immersion.

At 42.6 ounces, Tango6 is hefty. It has 3.8 inches of eye relief. Linear field of view at 100 yards is 20.2 feet on low; 3.4 feet on highest magnification.

Sig’s Infinite Lifetime Guarantee covers the Tango6. It’s a transferable, repair/replacement warranty that requires no registration.

MSRP isn’t published by Sig, but a search of online prices indicate actual prices vary for the Tango6 5-30×56 scope, depending on reticle choice. Prices range from $1,996 to $2,400.

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