Magpul’s new ZHUKOV AK-47 stock

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While many people view Magpul as an AR-15centric company, this year’s SHOT Show is starting to show just how wrong that perception is. The company has released a lot of new designs to start off 2015 and we were excited to see the new AK-47 line up. The new Zhukov hand guard and folding butt stock, as well as the MOE AK-47 furniture.


There are already plenty of options for AK butt stocks, most which we are not impressed with. Most modern stocks for the platform are less than ideal, being heavy, complex, expensive or a combination of all. Many of our minions are fans of the AK family of firearms, but we all have different views of what is considered ideal. Mad Duo David likes his commie blasters left classic, Mad Duo Merrill likes his AKs enhanced with exacting parts, and Mad Duo Nate has a mix of both (but he still considers the AK a bad-guy gun best left to third world peasants).

Regardless of your preferred setup, it looks like Magpul is going to have something to appeal to all AK owners.


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Of all the new AK products, the Zhukov-S stock is arguably the most badass. We wanted to check out this new folder in person, so we went to Magpul’s booth to handle it ourselves. The Zhukov-S is a very streamlined, visually appealing stock. The hinge style locking mechanism locks up tight, and feels like a fixed stock when open. The large, easy to depress release button is immediately behind a QD sling swivel socket, and is recessed to protect from accidental release. The inside crook of the stock holds the adjustment button for changing the length of pull, with each position locking securely and with little perceived play. The right-side folding design allows shooters to use COMBLOC style optics mounts, which mount to the left side receiver rail, and (most importantly!) the folded stock will not interfere with shooting the rifle when closed should you find yourself in a 1980s action film.


The S=stock also features a nice rubber butt pad and recessed grooves for adding different hight cheek risers. The stock balances well on the rifle when paired with the new Zhukov hand guard and overall it looks and feels…fitting. The stock will be offered in Black, FDE, OD, Gray, and a new Soviet shout-out color: Plum. With a MSRP of $100, this is a lot of stock for the money. They will hopefully be out for sale by late spring, and we look forward to doing a field test.


The next AK product Magpul has released is their family of AK forearms. As mentioned before, the new Zhukov hand guard pairs well with its sister stock, and is the longest setup currently being offered in the lineup. It features an extended length of pull, M-LOK slots, and QD sling socket. It will be offered at the same price as the Zhukov stock, and in the same colors. We’ll write more about those later if we can slip Canipe or Hickman a roofie and get some in hand.

Its pretty exciting to see all the new Mapul products being released, it looks like they are going to have a pretty busy year! Check out their online catalog at

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