Lot of Casket for the Cash: Seahorse Protective Equipment Cases


It makes sense to spend a little bit of money to protect your expensive rifle (or four dozen cheap Hi-Points) during transportation. The last thing you want to do when you reach the end of your journey is find your optic smashed. Today, we bring forward another option for your consideration Mad Duo

There are a lot of big names in protective carry cases out there, producing hard polymer products to protect your valuable firearm. Unfortunately many of these cases cost as much as a new gun, pricing themselves out of the hands of many shooters who need them. Fortunately, we just discovered a company we’d never heard of, let alone had experience with. This is pretty embarrassing, since they’ve been in business since 1997.

Seahorse Protective Equipment Cases is based in La Verne California, and has been producing rugged polymer cases for nearly twenty years. They offer a solid unconditional lifetime guarantee on all their cases, and produce everything here in the good ole’ USA. Obviously these are things we like when looking for a new rifle case.

They produce a range of polymer cases that are airtight, waterproof and full of features, for significantly less than their competition. After scoping out their selection at SHOT Show 2015, we were impressed with their designs and requested one for review. A few weeks later, a sample arrived.  Seahorse provided us their SE-1530 case, in their very FDE “desert tan.”


Seahorse produces a wide range of rugged polymer storage cases, but currently only one size rifle case (the case we reviewed). With an exterior of 46.6”x 16.7, the case is large enough to fit most common firearms. We had no trouble fitting shotguns, most of our bolt guns, or two tricked out AR-15 carbines inside. The inside measure 44.5” long with a width of 14.29” and depth of 6.22”. Realistically, this case is pretty much “one size fits most”, and will work well for every gun but long barreled bolt actions. If you plan on using the case for your ARs, AKs, or SCAR Heavy, you are good to go. You will even have room left over for a pistol and magazines! 


The case itself is constructed of impact resistant polymer, with four large locking bars for closure. We like that they left locking tabs off the far ends of the case, as we generally view these as an unnecessary inconvenience.  Each of these locking tabs houses a recessed, rotary secondary lock. These are easy to engage even with gloves, and really don’t need to be used (although we would use this feature when flying with our firearms). Along the same side of this case, you’ll find six molded pockets for large master locks to further secure the contents. The lid of the case features a full-length rubber gasket, which is recessed and won’t fall out randomly like those in other cases we’ve used over the years. It also overlaps with the main body of the case, to provide added strength to the design. The lid’s interior holds a section of egg-crate style foam that also stays in place when opening. 


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