You can save that phone call to the Inspector General for another day–this isn’t about a ready-made suffering cell to shove all your newly minted Privates in. Until a such a time that a particularly perspicacious person fire forges one, you’ll just have to stick to 100mph tape and foot lockers. This is about the literal boots you put on your feet, and an answer to a problem you wish you thought of yourself. Mad Duo

(Grunts: Perspicacious)

 There is a better solution than stuffing your boots into a trash bag….

Hazard 4 Boot Bunker- The Boot Isolation Bag

No one likes muddy boots. Worse yet is tracking that mud into your vehicle or house when the day’s adventures are over. Today we look at the “Boot Bunker” from Hazard 4, and examine their approach to this timeless problem.

Hazard 4, makers of tactical nylon products, have created a storage and transport case specifically for your clodhoppers. Seeing how boots are often taken off muddy, wet or just plain dirty, you’re left with few options of what to do with them until it’s time to lace them back on. The crew at Hazard 4 took a logical  approach to their design, and produced a storage case that wont break the bank. Constructed of cordua nylon, the Boot Bunker features a fold down zippered access flap that makes for a convenient place to stand as you switch out your footwear.


The case will hold just about any pair of boots regardless of their size and still have plenty of room to spare. The extra room creates a dead space for air to circulate through, via mesh panels sewn into the case’s body. A swing-out divider inside separates the boots, and the bottom has a removable mesh insert for easy cleaning. Alternatively, paper towels, a rag or newspaper can be slid underneath the mesh to help soak up snow melt, mud and moisture. 


The storage case has a grab handle and removable shoulder strap for easy carry, and several loop panels for the owner’s nametape or patch. In the front of the Boot Bunker, you will find a zippered pocket for the storage of socks, foot powder or other such items.




The flap opening itself has a  slash pocket for additional storage. The Boot Bunker is a pretty cool piece of gear, and works well as intended. For those who travel often, work in the outdoors or train in the elements, give it a look. We think it would be better served with more ventilation mesh, and maybe a waterproof “tub” bottom, but its still a good product at the price.

You can check the Boot Bunker and other Hazard 4 products here on their website. Or of course, visit them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram


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